Save time and money with the power of Artificial Intelligence

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The Intelligent Newsroom Assistant

Our Web Based all-In-One Solution for News Discovery, Automatic Audio/Video Transcription and Automatic News Generation

Sources aggregation

We agreggate every public and private news source while supporting any customs integrations.


We use Natural Language Processing to summarize every incoming news article, reducing the reading time up to 80%.


Co-workers can communicate directly on the platform, share content and monitor all the workflow

News Generation

Automatically generate articles on a massive scale that sound like a person crafted each one.


Upload audio/video files and get searchable, editable transcripts in minutes. Like magic.


Access all our modules through our API to use them with your own company solutions.

oko in your workflow

Every client is unique and have specific needs. So take us for a test drive and we will be glad to show you how we can boost your business with the power of Artificial Intelligence!

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